Vogel Alcove


To provide the youngest children of homeless families with the foundation for success.

So many people have asked me why the Vogel Alcove made such an impression in my life that it pushed me to race harder than ever and dedicate any and all of my resources to raise awareness and increase financial support for them. The answer is simple – my family.

In my home, we have always tried to incorporate the principle that we have a responsibility to do what we can to give back to those less fortunate. It sounds so cliché, but a visit to the Vogel Alcove one year changed my life. I was accustomed to donating our clothing, toys and food to homeless shelters in downtown Dallas.

When my family introduced my sister and I to the Vogel Alcove, there was a connection I had never before felt. I had a chance to see for myself the homeless boys and girls and the magic provided by the Vogel Alcove. I realized these kids didn’t truly understand what they did not have. Many of them had spent their entire lives in homeless shelters. They never had a house to call home. They never had their own room, their own bed, or a reason to fight with their sibling over whether or not they could borrow that favorite shirt. These innocent boys and girls never knew a daily life we call “normal”. Stability was the Vogel Alcove. The amazing people at Vogel give these children education, hope and inspiration to rise above their family situation.

I know that no matter how hard I train, no matter how much it hurts and no matter how chaotic my schedule, it is nothing compared to the challenges facing these children. I have made a pledge to myself to make a difference. I want these children to make a difference. As Team Ariana gains national support, we all will make a difference, together.


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