Our Mission

Team Ariana is a collaborative effort to inspire, motivate and empower children and adults to live a healthy lifestyle, find a passion, pursue it and give back to others in a meaningful way to effect social change with selfless resolve, humility and integrity.

Team Ariana originated as a means to bring awareness and solutions to the rapidly growing epidemic of homeless children in the United States. We have and will continue to right this social injustice. Team Ariana provides a unified platform for the collaboration of ideas, inspiration of community service projects and a call for national leaders to prioritize philanthropic endeavors and act for the betterment of others. Small changes lead to big strides.

The healing of America begins in the mirror. As we all work to live a healthy life, we find balance in passionate pursuits with calls to action wherever help is needed. We live with our eyes open wide and dream with fulfillment in our hearts.