Swimming Tip

"Breathing and Hand Entry: Exhale fully underwater in a smooth rhythm and enter the water long, but with a flat hand. Extend forward, slightly cock the wrist and then initiate the pull, that's it! Don't forget to not bend the knee during the kick!"

Cycling Tip

"Hold that aero position as long as possible and monitor your heart rate being careful not to spike. Keep your power output consistent throughout the ride and speed will follow!"

Running Tip

"Take 60 to 90 seconds to let your legs adjust from the bike to the run and then build over the next 2 minutes to your race pace. Control your breathing, keep your strides and arm pumps shorter and consistent. Be sure to sprint across the finish line and smile for the camera!"


Coach Matty has done it all! He has raced ITU World Cups and the Olympic Games in Beijing. He is a 3 time winner of the Lifetime Olympic race and an Overall Lifetime Olympic Triathlon series winner. He is a rock star at Ironman 70.3's and full Ironman distances. Matty ("Coach Matty") Reed has won multiple national championships while racing all distances over an amazing 25+ year triathlon career. He was named USA Triathlon's Elite Athlete of the Year and was highest place US finisher for an American male at the World Triathlon Championships. Basically, he is as qualified as it gets!

As a current professional on the triathlon circuit, Coach Matty brings the perfect perspective to my training utilizing all current technologies, strategies and techniques to help make each training session race specific and target driven. Given all that he has accomplished professionally in his career, nothing could match his greatest accomplishment - his amazing three kids...which is why he gets me! As intense as my training sessions are, he makes what other people call "crazy", just plain, he has a cool accent!! Matty grew up in New Zealand and currently lives and trains in southern California. Be sure to look for him at some of my races - he's 6'-5" tall, so you can't miss him! Thanks Matty for helping me elevate my game to the next level and getting me ready for the next biggest challenge of my life - college!

If you are one of a handful of lucky athletes, Matty can also coach you! If you would like more information about Matty Reed Racing, feel free to contact Matty directly through his web site at