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June 2019

Best Moment in Sports 2018

“The Top Most Beautiful Moments of Respect in Sport for 2018”

1024 576 Ariana Luterman

I was honored to be featured in this amazing clip of inspirational moments in sporting events around the world. Watch the full video.  

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Simple Stack

1024 759 Ariana Luterman

Trader Joe’s gluten free/dairy free pancakes popped in the toaster, smothered in @wild_friends chocolate coconut peanut butter, and layered with yummy bananas!

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“Superhero” Muffins

669 754 Ariana Luterman

These little muffins pack a big punch of major health benefits. Grab one on the way to work for a delicious start to your day, or as a snack before…

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Greek Yogurt Bark

1024 758 Ariana Luterman

A favorite sweet tooth snack with a healthy twist: Greek yogurt bark filled with blueberries, strawberries, coconut flakes, pretzels, dried apricot, drizzled with dark chocolate, then frozen to perfection!

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Protein Pancakes

1024 1024 Ariana Luterman

Who likes pancakes? Pancakes are quick, easy, and tasty. But are they really “good for you”? Here’s a great recipe that I use on the daily- Packed with protein and…

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Ginger-Molasses Granola

768 1024 Ariana Luterman

Blackstrap molasses is full of minerals, including potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium-minerals. Enjoy this refined-sugar free granola in yogurt, milk, or as a crunchy snack! (Recipe adapted from ‘Run Fast.…

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Loaded Veggie and Ground Turkey Pasta Sauce

768 1024 Ariana Luterman

Tired of boring noodles and butter? Add this pasta sauce to any pasta dish to spice up your daily routine and increase overall veggie consumption! Pan #1—Bring pasta sauce to…

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Sweet N’ Salty Trail Mix Bites

819 1024 Ariana Luterman

Super yummy no-bake sweet & salty trail mix bites! Great mid-day snack or tasty treat! Check out the recipe below. No-Bake-Sweet-Salty-Trail-Mix-Bites

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White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies

705 528 Ariana Luterman

These cookies are my favorite part of the holidays- all the delicious flavor and spices without the gluten! (They can also be made with regular flour for non-gluten free cookies)…

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Healthy Reeces Protein Bars

1024 699 Ariana Luterman

Healthy. Delicious. Protein. Bars. Enough said. Ingredients 1/2 cup vanilla flavored protein powder 2 TBS coconut flour 1/2 cup creamy almond butter 2 TBS smooth peanut butter 4 TBS coconut…

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